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1) Could you please introduce yourself and the role you play in “Otenki”?

I’m Enoma, I play guitar in the band as well as co-manage Otenki.

2)How did you guys come about meeting each other?

Initially I met Fausto through a website where musicians posted ads, he and I went over some song ideas and we clicked. German (our vocalist) is related to Fausto and was brought in to sing, we met Josh joined after our first bass player couldn’t make our first tour and Colton joined the band in 2009 after we finally pulled the trigger on adding keys and programming to our sound.

3)What is the story behind the name “Otenki”? How did it come about?

The name for the band was Fausto’s idea. The term Otenki means weather in Japanese. The cool thing is that its a name that is linked with the idea of change. We all liked the idea of being able to write whatever we wanted and have a name where it was hard to kind of figure out what sound we really had. It allowed us a lot of freedom as we great as musicians.

4)When did you each figure out music is you really wanted to do? What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

I think collectively we decided to really pursue Otenki as a full time project was when we were selected to play the first Taste of Chaos tour. We won the Battle of the Bands to perfrom in Denver, CO. It was an amazing experience and we all just felt really good about it and felt we could really go for it. If I weren’t making music we’d probably still be involved with the industry in some form or fashion. I personally started working in artist management for our management firm Echoplex Management and it’s great.

5) What type of genre do you guys consider yourself?

I would say that we’re a pop-rock/alternative band.

6)What was it like having your previous album “Making Sense of Static” featured in media outlets such as: Alternative Press Magazine,,, Rock One and

 It’s been amazing. When we started this band I would have never guessed that we would be featured on all those sites. It’s really humbling to see all these people who enjoy our music. We’ve made some great friends through the sites and they’ve been so supportive of what we’re trying to do.

7)What was it like being on the Vans Warped Tour 2009 for the first time? How did you guys prepare yourselves?

Our very first Warped Tour was in 2005 and we were terrible haha! In 2009 we were a much tighter live band and it just came together much better.

8)With the release of your recent EP “Kinteic”, what was the writing, studio and recording process like? and is there a tour in the works? If so, you guys should defiantly come to New York City!

The writing process for the record was a lot different than any other experience we’ve had before. We spent about 6 months writing and demoing songs at home and sending them to James Paul Wisner. He would give us some notes and we would work on the songs. Then when we got to Florida we did more pre-production work on the songs. This was the most involved we’ve ever been in song writing. James really pushed us to be the best we could be.  We will be touring in the fall and we’re definitely coming to NYC!

9)As an up and coming band from Houston, TX what are your expectations from each other and society? Do you guys have any goals you want to accomplish in the next year or 2?

From each other we just try to push ourselves to be the biggest and best band we can possibly be. As for society, that’s a tough one to answer. We would like to get signed within the next two yearsand on tour with some great bands. That’s about all we can hope for.

10)What has been your biggest challenge been as a band? Have you guys been able to over come that challenge?

 Honestly the biggest challenge for unsigned bands is the finances. Everyone would like to think that it’s just passion that helps bands make it. There’s a lot of things that require money to make happen. From recording, to merchandise, to the van and trailers, when you are 100% DIY it can get pricey. We’ve been blessed with great fans who show their support by picking up our records and buying our merch. We’re really blessed.

11) Do you guys have any last words to our readers?

Thank you to all our fans and friends! Thank you to City and Sounds. Our new record “KINETIC” comes out next Tuesday on iTunes! Please show your support. Hit us up on and  Take care everyone!