Many bands have lost touch with their fans and don’t appreciate the little people that helped them get where they are but Otenki is surely not one of those bands. Hailing in from Houston, Texas with songs like “Kinetic”, you can definitely feel the love and appreciation this band has for their fans, with lyrics that make you feel this band is talking directly to you. Besides the lyrics, the songs are energetic and upbeat. You’ll want to get up out of your seat and dance around, singing along to every word. On June 28th, Otenki will release their second EP, titled “Kinetic”. Keep a look out for this band, with the way they’re doing, they’ll be big in no time. 

Featured in: 

Alternative Press

Substream Music Press

First American band to be featured in Ourzone Magazine (Fanzone Section)

Tours Otanki’s been on: 

Warped Tour

Taste of Chaos

Opened for: 




My Chemical Romance

There For Tomorrow

Currently ranked #11 On Billboard’s Top 50 Uncharted Artists

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More links can be found on Otenki’s official site.

For fans of: There For Tomorrow, Anberlin and Armour For Sleep.

Article written by Olga Kuleshova.